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Hydrologic conditions for
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February 2001

Salem-Gloucester PRM
January 2001
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Water Resources of New Jersey

The U.S. Geological Survey is the Nation's largest earth- and life-science agency and has the principal responsibility within the Federal government for providing hydrologic information and appraising the Nation's water resources. The New Jersey District of the USGS collects basic hydrologic data and makes interpretive investigations of New Jersey's water resources. This web site is intended to provide the general public with information on the USGS and with timely access to the data we collect and the information we provide. The N.J. District information page describes our permanent projects, people to contact and outreach activities. Directions to our office are also available.

* Ground water
Information on the ground-water resources in New Jersey. Includes both water-level and water-quality data.

* Surface Water
Information on the surface-water systems (rivers, lakes, tidal waters) in New Jersey. Includes both streamflow and water-quality data.

* Publications
Reports produced in this office and information on ordering publications. Includes a searchable District Bibliography and downloadable PDF files.

* National Water Quality Assessment Program
The National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) program is designed to describe the status and trends in the quality of the Nation's ground- and surface-water resources and to provide a sound understanding of the natural and human factors that affect the quality of these resources.

Water Quality in the Long Island-New Jersey Coastal Drainages (USGS Circular 1201) is now available online. (3/2001)

* Toxic Substances Hydrology Program - Galloway Township, NJ Research Site
The Toxic Substances Hydrology Program is designed to provide information on the behavior of toxic substance in the Nation's surface and ground waters that is needed to avoid human exposure, to develop effective remedial strategies and to prevent further contamination. This website contains information on hydrocarbon fate and transport investigations conducted at the Galloway Township, NJ research site. This site also contains information on unsaturated zone computer models: R-UNSAT, AIR2D and AIR3D.

* Other Sources of Information
Links and addresses to other resources.

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